master slide formatting

Hi everyone... I've attached a small project i'm testing with.

I've got a problem with formatting a Master Question slide.  I'm trying to have the questions show up on the left side and the answers show up on the right.

The default master layer has a vertical setting with the question box on the top. The answer box below it.  I thought i could make them side-by-side just by resizing the 'text' boxes (screenshot below)....  but the result isn't right.

If someone could please take a look.  I've tried everything i can think of! (auto-sizing the box, no auto-sizing, etc., etc,...

Thank you!!!



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David Gassman

Thanks, Wendy.

I guess it's the tweaking that's got me.  This is a fresh 'test' project with new slides.

If my Master 'answers' box is in the upper right corner, I figured my answers in the questions would stay there.  No matter what I've tried, they drop to the bottom. 

Thanks for looking.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

I see the same as Wendy - although it does seem to default to the bottom of the slide vs. the top. Again, as Wendy mentioned it's one particular slide master that'll apply to all questions so you may need to tweak it depending on the question type you're using and number of answers.