master slide formatting

Hi everyone... I've attached a small project i'm testing with.

I've got a problem with formatting a Master Question slide.  I'm trying to have the questions show up on the left side and the answers show up on the right.

The default master layer has a vertical setting with the question box on the top. The answer box below it.  I thought i could make them side-by-side just by resizing the 'text' boxes (screenshot below)....  but the result isn't right.

If someone could please take a look.  I've tried everything i can think of! (auto-sizing the box, no auto-sizing, etc., etc,...

Thank you!!!



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David Gassman

Thanks, Wendy.

I guess it's the tweaking that's got me.  This is a fresh 'test' project with new slides.

If my Master 'answers' box is in the upper right corner, I figured my answers in the questions would stay there.  No matter what I've tried, they drop to the bottom. 

Thanks for looking.