Master slide variable object is resetting multi-layer slide page

I have a course where we have closed caption and footnotes set up in the same way: each are layers on a master slide with a variable in a scrolling text box. There are triggers set up on the master slide so that when the text object closed caption or footnotes is clicked (both are located on the master slide) the layers will toggle in or out. The variables are set to specific values on each page through a trigger. The problem I've run into is that on a page with multiplelayers, when I click footnotes on a layer other than the base layer it resets the page to the base layer (the audio does not play though). However the closed caption works just fine. They are both set up the exact same way so I'm having trouble figuring out what is going wrong with the footnotes. Has anyone ever come across this before?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lauren and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm trying to follow the logic you've described here, but it would be easier if you're able to share the .story file, or even the one section with the multiple layers that is not working as expected, here with us.

You may also want to look at the trigger order for this slide with more than one layer, as triggers will fire from top to bottom, so if there is something happening prior to your variable trigger that may be impacting the footnotes element. Additionally, you can also look into the layer properties, and without seeing your set up, it's hard to recommend which ones, but if it's the base layer that is causing the issue, you could prevent the user from clicking on that base layer.  If you're unable to share it here with us, please let me know and you're welcome to share privately with us here. You'll want to include the following syntax in your description (please start with  ::ashley:: )  and it'll come to my attention. 

Lauren McDonald

Thanks for the response Ashley!

I actually figured out that the problem was that in the the master slide the footnote layer properties had 'hide other slide layers' checked which was causing the base layer to pop up every time I clicked the footnotes, when I was on a a different layer. Unchecked it and the problem is solved Thanks!