Matching, but NOT Drag and Drop

Apr 28, 2014


I wonder if something like this is possible in StoryLine? 

For an activity like that, with many pairs to match, and a full screen, you would need to drop each box on top of its pair, hiding the content of the bottom box.

I don't care so much about the spinning exits of the matched items, but the general functionality of:

- just click each match (not drag and drop)

- state change once pairs matched (preferably disappear)

In a simple test file, I did the following:

- created a "matched" state for each box (no line, no fill, white text = disappear)

- used a variable for matches (Match01 =0, click appropriate box = +1, click its match = +1, Match01 =2 changes state of boxes to "matched"; click a non-match = -1)

- used 2 button sets to separate matched sides and allow only one of a group to be selected.

- set selected states


- how to return state to mormal when an incorrect match is made.

- my logic above may cause disappeared matches to return (or not disappear) if they are accorded too many minus one's.

Hope this all makes some sense.

In there a way to do a click-to-select match activity (without drag and drop) along the lines of the flash example provided?



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Bruce McCaughan

Thank you so much for sending that, Hassan!

It proves helpful on a few points.

However, I am still faced with the following:

1) The user is forced to click on one group first.

Meaning, they cannot first select one of the boxes on the right side. They need to choose from the left side first.

2) it allows the user to select BOTH items from the left-side group at the same time.

Then with both (all) selected, you can just click the other side boxes at random and watch them disappear.

Ideally, the user would be able to start from any box.

Then anything other than a correct match would revert both boxes back to their normal states.

A correct match would, of course, change those 2 boxes to hidden state.

I will take a closer look at the conditionals you used and see if I can't add a few to make it work.

Cool if you or someone else has a tried and tested solution.

But either way, thanks for the input. I appreciate it!



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