Matching drag and drop issue

Feb 16, 2015

Hey guys,

I have an issue with a matching drag and drop feature in Storyline. The interaction works fine on the first visit, however once you have visited the slide, if you start the course again with a restart button, I cannot get the interaction to work. I have set the settings set to 'resume to initial state', however this is having no effect. 

Another issue I am seeing is that the trigger to submit the interaction is repeated twice in the Trigger pane and I cannot either of these triggers. I've never seen this before.

Please see attached for the storyline file - would be really grateful if anyone can help! 

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Emily Ruby

Hello Ant,

I was also not able to retake the quiz slide after hitting restart. You would have to treat this button as a "retry quiz" button if you wanted a retake of the slide. You can achieve this by adding a reset results trigger above the jump to slide 1.2 on the restart button.

See attached for example.

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