Storyline drag and drop - can't continue if user submits early

Jul 04, 2023

Hi there, please help! I have a drag and drop interaction where the user places 4 answers into 4 boxes. My issue is that if they only drag 1 option and press submit, the incorrect box will appear, however when pressing continue from here, and returning to the drag and drop, you can no longer drag the items.

I'm not sure what trigger I need so they can continue with the drag and drop?

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Sandeep Gadam

Hello Jackie, once the interaction has been submitted you can't resubmit the interaction until you set the slide property to reset to initial state upon revisiting the slide. 

So, click on the slide properties icon on the bottom right and choose "Reset to initial state" upon revisit. and on the incorrect layer, add the following trigger to the continue button: Jump to slide - this slide.

But setting the slide properties to "Reset to initial state" will reset all the previously drag options to its initial state allowing the user to retake the quiz.

Let me know if this works.