Matching drop down - showing correctly matched items

Dec 17, 2015

Hi there

I'm currently creating a matching drop down question. When user clicks Submit, and sees Correct/Incorrect pop up boxes, I'd then like the correctly matched items to be shown. The freeform drag and drop provides this option. Is this possible in the matching quiz question? If not, is there a way to do this? Other than show a layer with correct matched items. If add another, it means Submit button is still visible which I don't want.

Thanks for any ideas/help.


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Pam Jones

Hi Ashley 

 Ideally I wanted to see correctly matched items on the correct/incorrect layers. Is this possible - how would I do this? Is it case of providing a text summary of the correct matches?

I've tried to use results slide option but with 7 matching items the layout is not quite working - the text on correct matches have been "chopped off" in the layout (see attached). Not sure how to adjust the layout in results slide. 




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