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Dec 12, 2018

Hi. Does anyone know how to link the timeline of a slide layer to a media file inserted into that layer in Storyline 3? I would like my learners to view a media file in a slide layer with text showing next to the video (not captions) at specific timings of that layer. If they pause or replay the video I would like the timeline of that slide layer to match where the video is at. Currently the slide layer timeline will keep running if the video is paused, which is putting the video and text out of sync. I have the base layer timeline paused, however I feel this is a layer issue.

Thank you.


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Robert Munce

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your response. I have worked out a solution, possibly not the best but seems to work. I was using text boxes positioned at certain points along the timeline to show and then disappear. However, if the learner clicked on the video and paused it, the layer timeline would keep moving resulting in the text and video going out of sync. What I have done is to put a trigger on the media to pause when clicked and another to resume the media when clicked, effectively cancelling each other out meaning the learner can no longer pause the media. This maintains the timeline thus the text and video remained in sync.

Thanks again for sharing with me your suggestion.



Ned Whiteley

Hi Robert,

I have done a similar thing to what you were originally after in order to create screencasts that show how to use a computer software package.

What I have basically done is to create a single slide with multiple layers. The base layer contains the screencast video and I have then added an additional layer for each note that I wish to display. In addition, I have also created my own Play and Pause buttons, which sit on top of each other above the video on the base layer.

When the course starts, the timelines of each layer are paused, the Play button is visible and the Pause button is hidden. When the user selects the Play button, the timelines of each layer are set to Resume, the Play button is hidden and the Pause button is made visible. This causes the video to run and the notes to appear at the right time.

If the user selects the Pause button, the timelines of each layer are paused, the Play button is made visible and the Pause button is hidden again. This causes the video to pause and also causes the notes timelines to pause as well.

If the user then selects the Play button again, the whole process carries on, with the notes remaining in time with the video.

One point to note: In order to prevent the user simply selecting the video without using the Play and Pause buttons (this would cause only the video to pause as you previously experienced) you need to place a full-screen, filled rectangle between the video and the buttons (i.e. in the Timelines view at the bottom of your Storyline screen, the top two timelines are your two buttons, the next one down is your rectangle and the video is below that). It is essential that the rectangle is filled, however you then set the transparency to 100%. This is different to having a rectangle with no fill as it prevents the user selecting the video layer. The only way the video can now be paused and run is by using the Pause and Play buttons, which will also pause and resume the notes layers at the same time.

Hope this helps


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