Math, arithmetic, NaN, duplication

Jan 15, 2014

Hello, folks ...

I have created a layer which has three numeric data entry fields. Some arithmetic is performed using the values entered by the learner and the result displayed in a text field.

It works wonderfully!

HOWEVER ... if I then duplicate that layer, the new version on the new layer (which is unchanged by me) doesn't work. I can enter values and I get a result of NaN in the text field.

What exactly does NaN mean? Not a Number?

What has happened in the duplication of the layer to prevent this new version  from functioning? Any ideas?



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Martin Talbot

Worked it out - I think!

The 2nd instance/layer uses the same variables as the first. It seems as if the one that I use for holding the current value of the calculation - and which  I also use as the reference in the text field - has its type changed from number to text. Therefore, when it comes to version 2, I am then mixing numbers and text in my calculation.


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