Maximum File Size/# of Slides for a Presentation

Apr 22, 2015

I have a project that is going to be translated into 23 languages. The client has requested that all the languages be in one course (it will be branching based on their language selection).

The course is currently 35 MB and 65 slides long. Once it is translated and compiled, I am looking at around an 800 MB file with about 1500 slides.

I am concerned that a file this size will cease to function or at least have bugs and glitches that I can't anticipate. Anyone else have a project of this size?


Thank you!

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Nancy Woinoski

There is no set maximum for the number of slides or the file size but in reality your project will probably choke at this size and working with 1500 slides in one file will be unmanageable. I would advise against this.

Also some LMS systems have a maximum of the size of the files you can upload so this is also something you should check into before committing to do this.

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