Maximum Suspend Data Size for SCORM 1.2

I had a course created in Storyline with 15 slides and an exact character count of 5387. The problem which I'm facing here is that, after publishing the course to SCORM Cloud and launch the course, I have attempted the interactions for upto 14th slide and after exiting the course at slide 14 and relaunching it again, the course is not resuming from the slide 14 and it resumes from slide 1, since theĀ  Maximum Suspend Data Size for SCORM 1.2 is 4096 characters only and it needs to published in SCORM 1.2 only.

To overcome this issue of "Resume State", I've changed the "Maximum Suspend Data Size: value", as i found it from the E-Learning Heroes " discussions" site, which has resolved my issue.

But, do we have any other option or ways to overcome this issue instead of changing the default "Maximum Suspend Data Size: value".

If this is the only solution to overcome this issue, do we have the same option of changing theĀ "Maximum Suspend Data Size: value" in ""thePoint LMS"?

If yes, Can you please guide me through that with a link?

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Phil Mayor

The only LMS I know that does this is Moodle. An interesting and very useless fact is that when Scorm 2004 increased the limit to 65K this should have been passed back to other scorm version, unfortunately some vendors believe that to be scorm compliant they should rigorously enforce the character limits