Meaning of Verified Answer

Apr 22, 2014

In posts I notice a button labeled 'Verified Answer'.  I used search to see if there's a definition of what that button means.  That didn't come up in search.  So here's my question.

If I ask a question and someone answers it and I use the information to solve my dilemma, am I supposed to click that button?  

I'm trying to use the Forum proficiently and while that's a basic question, I want to be respectful of the guidelines. 

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rehan arshad

Hi Jane, "Verify answer" means if a user posts a question and if he finds a good(best solution) possible solution/answer he could tag it as verified answer. When the other user came across the same problem(if any) and when he searches the articulate support, he could see the best chosen answer instead of going through the whole Thread.

The user that has posted the question could only verify the answer. the other users could "Suggest answer" only.

Yes you are "Right", if you asked a question and the answer that solves your dilemma you could hit "Verify answer"\

Hope that helps

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