Media playback difficulties

Jul 27, 2015

Hoping someone can provide guidance. 

I have a software course that has 9 modules , nearly 100 pages and most include a video playback demo initially captured in Camtasia by subject matter experts and then edited and inserted by me in the training. 

Problem I have is that the course plays fine for me locally, plays fine for everyone from a web server , but does not play media when launched from a file server. 

Our company is limiting web server share sizes and I fear I am in a real bind. Does anyone have experience like this???

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Jim  Bates

I saw some other posts yesterday and that was exactly the problem , our IT folks were trying to push the company to put all media to streaming servers so did not establish MIME type for FLV or MP4 and at the same time reduced the storage capacity of our web servers ... we were able to convince IT to update the server settings and everything works now!
Scary moments though as deadlines are upon us to prepare an engineering workforce to design a new airplane and we will be relying on Articulate for performance support (EPPS Media) as well as essential training .
The community has once again helped tremendously... I think as Articulate and other authoring tools leapfrog each other with version roles and capability, the community as an asset increases the value of your product greatly.

James Bates

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