Menu Highlighting in Storyline 2

Nov 23, 2015

I have used Studio '13 in the past and the menu items highlight automatically, showing the learner where they are in the module.  I can't seem to make this work in Storyline 2, though I *think* I have seen that others were able to do this.  Am I missing a setting?  TIA for your help!

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Preston Ruddell

Hello Susan!

By default, I think this should happen in the player.  It might be possible that somehow the colors of your player have been adjusted and you can no longer see it.

Just in case, check this resource out:

It lists all of the player colors that you can edit.  You can change your player colors.  Based on your description, I'm thinking you would need to adjust the List item>Selected part of the menu.

You can access this by opening up the Player Editor, click on Colors and Effects, and click on Show Advanced Color Editing under the color schemes.  You should be able to adjust the color of the selected item there.

I hope this helps!

Susan Stewart

Thanks, Leslie.  I was able to adjust the highlight for when the person is hovering over or selecting a menu item, but what I'm really wanting to do is adjust the highlight or font color after a slide or scene has been visited...regardless of if the learner has clicked on the menu. 

I thought I had made that adjustment, but am not seeing it show up in the player when published.  (I made the color distinctive so that I would know whether or not it worked.)

Susan Stewart

No worries, Leslie...I am still learning the language of SL. 

I'm attaching two images...the first is the player settings and the second is the player in action.  We are well into the module (have viewed several of those scenes) but the viewed item coloring is not showing.  Also I have the auto-collapse clicked and the menu doesn't auto-collapse in the player.  Suggestions?

Susan Stewart

From Leslie's support email:


I took a look and it seems that you are not seeing the items as expected because you have customized the display of your menu to not include all of the slides.

I re-set your menu and the color changes and updates just like you were probably expecting.

I assume that this is not how you wish the course to display in the menu though, so I'm not sure that the color change feature on the 'visited' items is going to work for you if the items that are 'visited' are not in the menu.

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