Menu Links Not Clickable In Preview (At Least There)

I have a 5-scene story.

When I preview it, I have all of the Scene titles displayed in the menu (that's what I want) and none of the slide titles displayed (again, that's what I want).

But, when I click the scene titles in the menu during a preview, I don't actually advance to the clicked scene.

Is this feature disabled during Preview, or do I need to do something else to make these links within the menu active? 



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Harri C

Hi Jeffrey,

You cannot use the scene titles alone to navigate via the menu (don't ask me why coz it doesn't make sense to me either)

What I've done in the past is rename the first slide in each scene the same as the scene name and then delete evertying else in the menu except this. You should then be able to navigate to the scene using this slide title.

Hope this helps