Menu opens ebruptly navigating within branching pages.

Jul 29, 2020


I using a custom interface. I have developed a screen which contains 4 tabs. Around 5-6 screens are interlinked with each of the 4 tabs, like we do with branch pages. Learner can click on any of the tabs and visit the screens linked to the TAB and return back to the landing screen. So I have to set the layer setting to "Resume Saved State".

As per the requirement of client, I need to add the titles of these 4 tabs on MENU also, so that learner can directly visit to the branched screens linked to a particular TAB.

Now I have encountered with an issue, that is, if a learner visit to a topic by clicking on MENU and return back to landing page by return button, MENU opens abruptly by itself and every other item on screen, become inactive.

I have an Idea that this may be happening due to RESUME SAVED STATE, but I need to keep it that way, so that Landing page can track which topic (TAB) has user already visited.

Need your support.




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