Lost my tab when the slide returns to the menu

Jul 12, 2016

I just started using storyline 2. I've set up a menu in my second scene that has 3 tabs, two of them change states after their layers are closed via a trigger.  The last tab jumps to a series of slides for larger content. The last slide has a return button that navigates back to the menu.  Upon returning, the last tab completely disappears.  So far, I have looked at slide properties (which I would like to keep set to "saved state" so that learners can see which tabs are visited and because I want to set a trigger for the "next" button to activate back to a different menu slide. On slide properties when the option to keep saved state is checked, the tab disappears when the back button returns the learner to the menu. Using the selection" return to initial state" makes all my tabs resume to normal (no disappearing). Any clues how to fix or work around this?  TIA.

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Walt Hamilton

There is no setting that you can accidentally check that will make your tab disappear, but there are dozens of actions that you can take that will make unwanted things happen. First check the states of the third tab. Second check the triggers attached to the missing tab. If nothing show up, you can attach your .story file here, and somebody may be able to look at it and help you.

Heather Waldis

Well I have hit a wall in my search lol. Anyone want to look and see how I flubbed this up? Every time the (x) button on the last slide returns to the main menu, the last tab disappears. This presents a bit of a problem since a condition is set that the "next" button can only be shown when all visited states are visible. 

Walt Hamilton

The built-in states (which you can recognize because their names are on the drop down list of names when you create a new state) all have hard-wired triggers that control them. For example, when you create a hover state, it includes an invisible trigger to change the state to hover when the mouse hovers over it. When you create your own trigger that also does the same thing, the two can conflict, and the results are seldom pretty, as you discovered in this case. The disappearance of the tab is the result of the interaction of the double hover and visited states.

Delete your hand created triggers everywhere in the story, and the built-in ones will handle everything for you

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