Resetting slide to original state

Sep 28, 2012

Hello, all!

I am creating an interaction using the tabs template.  The start of the scene is a menu that will allow the user to select a topic to go to.  When the user clicks, it goes to the slide with that topic. That slide uses the tabs. I've added a "return to menu" tab that takes the user back to the menu.  However, if the user returns to that slide, it is on the tab that the user last viewed, not the original state of the slide.  I've tried adding triggers to the return button that hides the layers, and previewing as just a slide, this works, but not when I preview the whole scene. Is there something I'm missing?  Thanks!


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Bruce Graham

Richard Nesberg said:

Is there any way to update every slide so it resets to initial state, or would we have to select this for every slide we want to reset to initial state?

Go to Story View, open a Scene, highlight top slide, then CTRL-A, and set "Properties for Multiple slides" on a scene-by-scene basis.


Marko Stojkovski

Hello. I have a project that the properties on the slide must be set to resume saved state (it has looong speech that the user needs to listen it only once and I should not change that properties. Is there a way or command to set on a button that would reset the slide if I want to?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yana and welcome to Heroes! 

It may be a bit to set up, but you could add a button titled "replay" or similar to each slide and add a slide trigger to it to jump to slide number X when clicked (set it to jump to the same slide it's on) and that would try it as a "revisit" to the slide. You'll also want to set your slide properties to reset to initial state. 

fabio fonseca

To be more especific, when you select all the slides in a question bank , and open the "property for multiple slides" window, it apply the changes only to the first slide of the bank after you click "ok", leaving the others unchanged, despite of them were all selected.

Is there a way to make this change directly on the scorm files? 

Can't imagine someone doing it again and again evrytime he edits/includes questions in the question bank. 

sue b

Matthew Graham said:

If you look at the layers box on the bottom right, you'll see a little gear setting icon. If you click on that, you'll see a setting that allows you to reset upon revisiting.

Hi Matthew

Should this work for essay/text-based slides also? I want users to have the option to re-do a quiz (which contains survey-type, text entry questions also) but when they choose to do quiz again the text they originally put into text entry box is there.

'Reset upon revisiting' doesn't seem to clear this text.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sue,

For essay questions, they're treated as survey questions and therefore don't have the built in "try again" functionality as they're not graded. If you'd like the user to return to the slide and revisit the question and be able to answer in again, in addition to resetting the slide properties you may want to look into resetting the text entry variable as well - just to force it to be blank upon a revisit. Christine explains this a bit further here with an example that you may want to take a look at.

Hope that helps!

sue b

Hi Ashley

Thanks, this worked perfectly.

I have put the trigger to clear the text box, as per Christine's example above, under the Next button on the "Thank You" layer and one thing I discovered is this 'force blank' trigger must be the first trigger under the object. For example, if there is a Hide Layer trigger or similar, the force blank must come before this.

Probably obvious but it took me a few attempts to figure out why the text box wasn't clearning ... might be helpful to another user

Thanks again


vishal agarwal
Matthew Graham

If you look at the layers box on the bottom right,  you'll see a little gear setting icon.  If you click on that, you'll see a setting that allows you to reset upon revisiting.

Matthew, this is not working if i want to refresh tabbing order when i revisit the slide.

Do you have any other way to resolve this issue?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vishal,

Are you having difficulty with the custom tab order you've set not working as expected on a revisit? Can you share a bit more about what you're experiencing in terms of where the tab order returns to and how you've set up your slide(s)? If you'd like to share one of the .story files here we're happy to take a look at it.