Resetting slide to original state

Sep 28, 2012

Hello, all!

I am creating an interaction using the tabs template.  The start of the scene is a menu that will allow the user to select a topic to go to.  When the user clicks, it goes to the slide with that topic. That slide uses the tabs. I've added a "return to menu" tab that takes the user back to the menu.  However, if the user returns to that slide, it is on the tab that the user last viewed, not the original state of the slide.  I've tried adding triggers to the return button that hides the layers, and previewing as just a slide, this works, but not when I preview the whole scene. Is there something I'm missing?  Thanks!


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vishal agarwal

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for reply. Actually i am not able to share my file due to company terms.

The problem is that when i run the course and i am using accessibility (tabbing) and keyboard shortcuts for navigating. But if i navigate with tabbing and keyboard shortcut and go to next slide and come back to previous slide. Then yellow tab will start from last step where from i go to next.


vishal agarwal
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Vishal,

Are you having difficulty with the custom tab order you've set not working as expected on a revisit? Can you share a bit more about what you're experiencing in terms of where the tab order returns to and how you've set up your slide(s)? If you'd like to share one of the .story files here we're happy to take a look at it. 

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for reply.

Actually my requirement is that when i am using accessibility tabbing and i was going on another slide and come back again on previous slide then accessibility tabbing should be refresh. So that tabbing should be start from the first object which i was set.

NOTE: I am using custom order for using tabbing.

Saksham Shri

Hi people ,

I have a problem.I have  a drag and drop slide quiz option. If somebody drag wrong answer a try again slide appears and when use click on try again ,previously dropped answer need to be go on their initial place but this is not happening.... also if i am using jump to the same slide trigger ..the dropped answer has there only on dropped place not on initial place...HELP me ?

thanks in advance 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Saksham,

This is the behavior as designed that the slide is not reset, so that the user can see how they previously answered and make changes based on that. If you're using the "jump to slide" behavior to reset it, you'll need to jump to a new blank slide and have that slide automatically advance to your drag/drop slide. 

Saksham Shri

Hi Ashley,

warm thanks for reply..

actually i have applied ur suggestion but its not happening properly.A blank slide triggers when somebody clicks the "try again" button on wrong answer.this blank slide has a trigger :

Jump to "drag and drop question" slide when "timeline starts".So this tranferred to the drag and drop question slide but still the dropped answer is there on target area.Means nothing has  changed.

Can u help me again ??


Hi , It it possible to have a variable that reset the slide base layer when revisit? I'm using video.

I need to have ”resume to save state” in slide propeties, but I want to be reset to "initial state" when revisit.

I have a sequence of 7 films in 7 differents slides. The films goes automatically to the next slide.  (I havet break the videos in different slides for them to appear in the menu .)

In each slide I have an info button (the appears for a few secounds) this button goes to a different slide for more information, when user close info slides, it returns to the film slide in the exact moment of the film where the user clicked on the info button. That means I need to have ” resume to save state” propeties in the film slides. 

I would like to reset the slide to "initial state" when the user click on the menu to go to the film slides.

Cathy DeBurro

Hi all

So, I have an issue where I want to create a progress bar on the master slide.  BUT, I have on each slide, the ability to replay (if someone is interrupted and wants to start that slide again).  For this, the slide is set to 'Reset to initial state' and I use the 'Jump To Slide' trigger.

The issue is that the Progress bar needs each slide to be set to 'Resumed Saved State' so that if a learner needs to go back to a previous screen, the progress meter won't also jump back and 'deduct' progress. 

One will not work with the other.  It's been suggested, that I keep it at Resumed Saved State for the Progress bar, and create a button trigger to replay the slide, but I can't figure out how to do that so that the slide replays from it's initial state.  The Jump to Slide trigger to replay the slide from the beginning, will not work if the slide is set to Resume Saved State.  Conversely, the progress meter will 'deduct' progress if you go back to a previous screen (if it is set to Reset to Initial state)...

Ashley, I reviewed all of the Progress bar suggestions that you provided in various other threads... no answers there on this dilemma.  

Any ideas?

Rachel Crabtree

Funnily enough I just tried this and the slide layers do not update to "reset to initial state".  We have been seeing funny behavior where the user completes a knowledge check and upon answering always gets forwarded to the incorrect slide layer.  So I set the base layer as "reset to initial state" and bc I am paranoid I wanted to make sure the slide layers also had the same setting.  However the storyview + select all + adjust properties technique didn't affect the slide layer settings.

Chris Pim

Does anyone know if you can do the following:

Set a slide to an initial state by using a typically a slide on revisiting would not resume its initial state but would if triggered to do so...I believe setting this to resume initial state on revisiting in the properties of the slide will not work in this case

Any help greatly appreciated