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Sep 10, 2013

In Articulate Storyline, is there a way to only show the title of the Scenes in the Menu, instead of each and every slide?

I have found that you can auto collapse the Scene when it is not being viewed. Is there a way to automatically have each scene collapsed and only show the slides if the user clicks on the title of scense?

Please let me knwo if anyone has any information on this.

Thank you!

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Kevin Thorn

HI Jessica,

I think there's two separate questions here so if I understand correctly, I'll address them independently.

First, you can hide slides in the menu and only keep Scene Titles visible. In the Player Properties > Menu select the slides you want to hide and click the delete button (red X icon). This does NOT delete the slide from your project rather only deletes it from Menu view. 

If you want to re-add a slide that you deleted/hid by mistake, unfortunately you'll have to reset the menu by clicking the "Reset From Story" button in the lower right.

Secondly, your other question regarding auto-collapse and auto-expand works if you first collapse all your scenes in Player Properties > Menu. When  viewing, the active Scene will expand to show all its respective slides. When you navigate to the next Scene, the current one will collapse and the new one will expand.  

Be sure to select "Auto-collapse menu as learner progresses" in the Menu Settings dialog box accessed by the small gear icon in the lower right.

Hope this answers your question(s).

Phil Mayor

Steve Gannon said:

Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to clarify the third paragraph of your reply. If you want to re-add a slide title to the menu you can click the folder icon ("Insert from project") beneath the menu in Player Properties window.

Took me six months to realise this, I was like Kevin resetting the menu, once you find this it all becomes really easy.

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