Menu progress variable trigger

Jul 12, 2019


I'd like to set up a pop up layer with a warning if the user clicks next button without passing through at least one branch in this menu. 
I tried making it work with a menu.progress variable that would add +1 one when a menu button is clicked and a trigger that would make the layer appear if the user clicks next if variable value is less than 1.

In theory this should work, but since I'm pretty new to Storyline, I'm still not sure what's needed to set up the variable properly. What I tried still doesn't work. If anyone has any advice on how to make this work, it would be really appreciated.
Thanks, Karmela.

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Diane Fallier

I made 2 changes to your file. I created my own variable to track menu visits. I don't like to use built-in variables unless I know how Storyline is using them. In fact, I couldn't get the example to working using Menu.Progress. Then I added a condition to the trigger that allows the user to continue to only fire if MenusVisited was not equal to 0. Storyline executes triggers in order. So, even if the layer is displayed, it's going to immediately go to the next slide unless there is a condition on the trigger that goes there.

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