Menu Restriction and Allow Tick to Show at End of Slide

Dec 07, 2022

I have a question that I have been unable to work out and apply, and I was hoping you could assist me or point me in the right direction.

  • In Storyline, I have the Menu (that displays on the left-hand side) set to Restricted, and when the learner opens this slide, the slide becomes unlocked, and a tick appears.  I have attached two screenshots of what I mean.  The company I work for wants the tick on the Menu to be displayed after the Timeline finishes and or any interactions are completed.  This has been something that the company has wanted for some time.
  • I have also created on each slide that the Next button is disabled when the timeline starts and is enabled when 'audio is completed, or inactions are visited, or timeline reaches a cue point.'
  • In the Menu Option, I have added a tick to the 'Restrict Next / Previous buttons', which does not stop the tick from being displayed (in the Menu - left-hand side) at the start of the timeline.
  • I am sure this course be manipulated through JavaScript, but I do not know to create this. 

I would greatly apricate any assistance in the matter.

Thank you in advance.

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Walt Hamilton

For something like this, I prefer to create a custom menu. It doesn't look like a cookie-cutter project, and does exactly what I want.

Check the restricted Navigation in the sample at this post:
It has four buttons that take the learner to different slides, and when they are all visited, a button appears that can have any trigger on it you want.  The four buttons appear in order, only after the previous one is visited. When one is completed, it changes.
The mixed navigation allows the learner to visit the topic in any order, but not progress beyond them until all are visited.