Menu’s in TalentLMS invisible behind course in IE11

Some time ago I have tested a course made in Storyline 2 in combination with TalentLMS. For the largest part that worked well, except the visibility of the menu’s that belong to the LMS when using Internet Explorer (IE11). Instead of showing the menu’s in front of the course, they disappear behind the course (see screenshots) , making them useless.

 The support team of TalentLMS came up with a workaround, which involved changing a small piece of content in the story.html file. At the moment I am testing AS 3 and the problem is still there. Unfortunately the workaround (as used in AS 2) is no longer available in the story.html file of AS 3. I cannot change the wmode option from “windows” to “transparent” because the option is no longer part of the content.

 Did anyone came across the same problem and – if so – is there a solution for AS 3? The support team of TalentLMS is looking into this as well, but they asked me to make it a point of discussion at the source.  Any help or suggestion is welcome?


Note: The course in TalentLMS is imported as a SCORM 1.2 file. Just for the record…



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