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Mar 30, 2016

I am having absolutely no luck in using variables to change the states of my main menu "chapter" selections on completion. I have downloaded 2 examples from this community, which work perfectly, however I can't replicate this in my own course.

So far I am only working on the first scene. I have created a variable "Module1Completed" set to default false. I have created a "completed" state on the Module 1 button. I have created a trigger on the final slide of the scene "Set Module1Completed to true when user clicks" on the button on the final slide. I have then created a  trigger on the menu slide "Change state of Module 1 to completed when the timeline starts on the menu, on the condition that Module1Completed = true."

The state of Module 1 never changes! Is anybody able to offer any advice?

Much appreciated,


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Marella Verbeeten

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your response.

No, there is no other way to return to the menu without clicking that button. I've attached the relevant sections of the story file here as the project is quite large. The issue still exists with just these relevant sections.

Note, only the Conflict of Interest menu selection is active in this attachment.

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