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Nov 01, 2012

My module has multiple branching scenarios and while I want to give the learner control over which scenario they go through, I have to make sure they visit all of the scenarios.

I've grouped them so that on the first screen there will be an intro and two buttons, each leading to a different scenario. So at this point, the learner has a choice which one they want to go through first.

The problem is that I don't know how to change the navigation so that if they go through both scenarios in that group, they can then jump to the next group.

At the moment I have a player trigger on the initial slide which says "Jump to ____ when the stat of Button 1 and Button3 are visited" but when I tested that, it jumps to the NEW group before I get to view the scenario related to button 3. Does that make sense?

I'd prefer to just be able to make the Next button active when they return to the inital slide with some sort of message that says "Click Next to proceed"  Is there a way to do that? I don't really understand variables and conditions quite yet so any help is appreciated. I am planning to apply this to all the initial screens I have for this situation.

Thanks so much for your help, you guys are always AWESOME!


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Peter Anderson

Hey Anna, 

Not totally sure I'm following what you'd like to do, but you can prevent users from advancing too quickly by disabling the built-in Next button until they've met certain conditions, such as clicking all the buttons on the slide or listening to all the narration. Another option is to remove the built-in Next button and create your own custom button for navigation. Or, you can restrict navigation for your entire course by making a simple change to your player settings. Details here

Hope that helps

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