Minimum configuration for a computer to run Articulate 360

Oct 29, 2018

Hi everyone !

I'm thinking of buying a new computer. I was wondering if you have nay good advice on what would be the best configuration to run A360 smoothly and for some time (I mean that I don't want the cpu to be overburdened in a year's time after a few updates).

I'm thinking how powerful should the computer be, but also, how wide should the screen be ? Are any of you making modules on laptops ?

Thanks !

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Fabrice Darrigrand

Thank you Michael ! That's really handy ! This looks really like the minimum minimum. My actual PC runs at 3,2 ghz with an i5 intel core and 8 gb ram installed. Yet sometimes it's quite slow at launching storyline 360. This is why i asked "to run A360 smoothly". I was more looking for users insights. But thanks much anyways, you helped me refine my question.

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