Using Variables to control menu status

I have a program which uses a menu/submenu configuration.  I have the menus and submenus as elements on the slide master. I want to have the text color change of a menu item based on the location where the viewer is at at the time.  I'm thinking that this could be done using variables but most of the variable control seems to originate off of user clicks not location. Does anyone have a source for how to do this?



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Josh Uhlig

I'm not sure if this would solve your issue, but you are able to change a variable based off the timeline, rather than a button click.  Just trigger the 'adjust  variable' when the 'timeline starts' for the correct slide.  If you can indeed accomplish what you wish using variables, I would think this would allow you to change the text color based on the location.

Tim Hillier


I think Josh could be on to something if I understand what you both are saying.  It would be a lot of triggers and variables but you could have individual true/false variables for each slide.  A trigger could set the variable to true when timeline starts on your slide and the menu item would change states based on that true variable.  You would trigger that variable to false when you leave the slide and another variable would then be made true on timeline start of that slide.

I have not tried this but this is how I envisioned it when I read Josh's post.  I do think you would need to set each menu item each way at the start of the menu slide. ie set item to normal if variable = false, set item to selected color if variable = true.  As this is on a slide master you would only have to do it once for each thing but still a lot of triggers.