Misc bugs in ressources and glossary tabs upon publication

Aug 15, 2012

I hjave some rendrering problems with glossary and ressources as well as a disapearing logo.

Here is the preview of the ressources tab in storyline.

 my logo is there, the title of my ressource as weel. Its a shame i cant customize the color of my text to fit the rest of the scheme but hey, i'll deal with that much. Howewver, once i publish...

 My logo and ressource titles disapears.

Same with the glossary tab.

 Everything looks good in preview... then i publish...


Errrr, what the...

Anyone else share the same problems? Or is it Murphy's law again?


(BTW i ran the upgrade to version 1 but couldnt say if i had the same problem before)

Ciao !!

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