Missing Drop Shadow Bug on Text Set to Animate "By Paragraph"

Aug 03, 2017

I seem to have discovered a bug whereby text that is set to animate "By Paragraph" loses any drop shadow applied to that shape upon Preview/Publish. Can Articulate or other users confirm this behavior? Being that this is the ONLY effect Storyline provides for helping make text clear and readable, I would find this incredibly limiting.

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Andy Lundquist

Weird. You are correct that I am using a text box with the shadow shape effect applied. I can reproduce this using any combination of fonts or animations. It doesn't have to be a bullet list, any text box containing multiple lines of text exhibits this behavior. I can open Storyline 2, leaving everything set to defaults, create a multi-line text box, apply a Fade transition and everything previews fine. As soon as I change the transition to "By Paragraph" the drop shadow disappears when previewed.

Your test motivated me to install the latest version of Storyline 2 on a separate computer for testing. It behaves exactly the same.

Perhaps we're approaching our test differently somehow? When you preview your test project, you see "Item 1" and its corresponding red shadow transition in, followed by "Item 2" with its shadow, etc., correct?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Andy,

Sorry that's happening! I'm seeing the same thing you're seeing--take a Peek at this recording of the behavior. I applied a drop shadow to the text box itself, and the shadow disappears when the text animates by paragraph. This happens both in Storyline 2, 3, and 360 preview and after publishing.

I'm really glad you brought this up--I'll report it to my team so we can determine next steps. Depending on priority and risk, some bugs can be fixed very quickly, while other bugs take longer to resolve. I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update.

Thanks so much again for letting us know about this, and I’m sorry if it’s slowing you down.

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