Missing slides/content when inserting a simulation

Hi, I am having difficulty inserting a freshly recorded video simulation from the Record Screen into a new Scene.  I am losing some slides/content along the way and so when I go to do the voice-over  the video is not entirely what I recorded since frames/content are missing.  When I replay the simulation while still in the Record Screen, the complete original simulation content is always still there.  I am saving the video simulation as Step-by-Step, View Mode.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I am new to Storyline 2!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jonathan,

When you insert a screen recording as a step by step it's broken down into individual slides based on where and when the user clicked and other elements displayed on screen. If you feel like you're missing certain elements, can you describe a bit more what's missing and perhaps look at including a copy of your .story file here so that we could take a look? 

Jonathan Spath

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for responding to my question!  It seems I have found that the Action Fine Tuning function reveals the missing content I was referring to.  Some actions were embedded in the video and undetected by Storyline 2.  I think, also, I was working with a Command Prompt which also goes undetected.  Thank you for outlining some other reasons for the disappearances!  Mystery solved.