Missing some PPT options in SL

May 09, 2012

Hi all,

I've been working with SL for quite a while now after years of using Studio and PPT.

I love the easy way of doing things with SL, but I'm missing some things I have with Studio, and was wondering if I'm missing something.

I know many of the animation options I have with PPT don't exist in SL, so how  can I create a movement like feature, such as a graph going up and down (with PPT I used the wipe animation option).

I have more examples, but I think you understand what I mean.

Would appreciate your suggestions/comments.



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Phil Mayor

The key thing is that Storyline is not ppt and not a replacement for Studio. At some point I hope that storyline stops looking at ppt for inspiration and builds on to of the elegant intuitive interface that has been developed

That said animations are one of the weak points in Storyline is animations. There are no motion paths and shapes can be animated in and out only.  If you want to do a wipe effect it is possible masking the area and using a fly in animation e.g


If you have ppt 2010 you could also do the animation in ppt and save out as an wmv file and import into storyline (this way it should play on an ipad

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