Jul 31, 2019

Hello Administrator,

I had a course published on LMS last year and now I would like to make some changes in that and I don't have the .story file but there is the storyline output folder which come along when we generate a zip folder. Is there any way I can retrieve data using these. Or is there any suggested method to change the content for the LMS course content.

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Jerry Beaucaire

I can answer as I've seen this question on the forum before.   There is no way to turn a published .ZIP folder of a course back into an editable .story file.   You will need to

  1. Keep trying to locate the original .story from the original authors.
  2. Use a screen capture tool to record a video of the current content, break that video up into slides in a new .story you create and make your edits using overlays on the slides you want to appear differently.
  3. Recreate a whole new .story using the existing published content as a guide.  You can snip pull pictures and videos and such out of the .ZIP folders resource folders.

Sorry for the bad new.


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