Mixed language slides

Feb 23, 2024

I have a course that is in English but one slide has a couple of sentences in Spanish. Our accessibility reviewer told me: "There is text on the slide that is in Spanish that is not programmatically specified as Spanish. This is causing the screen reader to read the Spanish as though it was English. The language of the text should be programmatically determinable, so changes in the language should be identified in the code. "

Is doing this possible, and if so, what does it involve? #notaprogrammer :)




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Teri Warner
Luciana Piazza

Hi Anne, 

Thanks for reaching out! This is something we currently do not support.

You can set the course language in your player properties (text labels). However, Storyline 360 doesn’t currently support different screen reader languages for different objects in the same course.

Feel free to check this out in more detail here:

3.1.2 Language of Parts (Level AA)

Have a great afternoon!