Mixing right-to-left (RTL) language with left-to-right language

Oct 21, 2013

I've searched around the forum but didn't see anything on this issue (closest was http://community.articulate.com/forums/t/4866.aspx from two years ago, but the solutions raised there doesn't address my problem) so thought I'd raise it again.  

It looks like Articulate Storyline does support right to left languages (Home -> Player -> Other -> Text is read from option) but I've been struggling with mixing English words with Hebrew text.  So here is my situation:

  • If the text is only Hebrew, everything is fine - copying and pasting the text works well.
  • If the text is English only, everything is fine.
  • But if there is any English word in the midst of Hebrew text, the text order gets out of whack and is all over the place (or it seems, I can't read Hebrew...)

Has anyone experienced this issue and found a solution for it?

Much Appreciated,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John and welcome to Heroes! 

It sounds like you're trying to put the text into the same text box? You should be able to have English and Hebrew in the same course, but in the same text box could cause the problems you're describing. If you'd like us to test that further you're welcome to share your .story file here with us, but the workaround would be to use multiple text boxes which you'd be able to layer on top of one other in order to achieve the result you're looking for. 

John Park

So I think I figured out how to make both languages work in one text box.  I've noticed in my tests that some text mixed well, keeping the format, while others broke the text order.  Further test showed me that only the last paragraph copied screws up the text formatting but previous paragraphs mixes the languages well.  

So the workaround I did was to duplicate the last paragraph of whatever text I was copying, pasting it to Storyline, then deleting the duplicate paragraph.  So far it's working well =)  

Hopefully this small discovery will benefit someone else as well!


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