Mobile version of Layers with Audio Problem

Jul 18, 2013


I have a layer with 2 audio clips.

I have synced images to the first audio clip.  The second audio clip plays when the first audio clip (and image display) ends.

The package is uploaded to Moodle.

I have created two links,

 - one for PC delivery (story.html is the launch page) and

 - one for mobile delivery (story_html5.html is the launchpage)

The PC delivery version works OK, the mobile version does not.

With the mobile version the first audio plays through without image syncing, the audio finishes and then the images are displayed in the synced sequence and when that is completed the second audio clip plays (as it is designed to do).

Could someone please advise if there is a solution to this issue.


Arthur Loughran


It works fine when I play it

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Arthur Loughran


After further investigation it appears that the error arises because of a Moodle authentication conflict but if so I would not expect the story to play at all.

I have loaded the story onto a separate server and the mobile version plays as designed.

I have though submitted a request to the Support team for comment.


Arthur Loughran

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