Modern Player iPhone Landscape Bug??

Our company has decided to migrate to using the Modern Player.
However, I think I found a bug.

While viewing a course in landscape on my iPhone, the seekbar and replay buttons are missing. When the timeline finishes, the seekbar and replay buttons appear. Some of our courses have buttons at the bottom of the slide. When the seekbar and replay buttons appear, the seekbar covers up the bottom of the slide making it difficult to use those buttons.

Here are a couple of screen shots taken from a 2 slide blank presentation.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Russell. To make the most out of phone-sized screens in landscape mode, the seekbar stays out of the way until the timeline ends. It then reappears and allows learners to scrub if needed. 

I hear what you're saying about interactive elements at the bottom of the slide. For now, does it work with those slides' design to disable the seekbar on a per-slide basis?

Russell Killips

Hi Crystal,

That won't work because the buttons are on every slide. I'll have to move them if it's ok with our clients.

I vote for a setting to change that behaviour.

Or, maybe it could become like the classic player with the progress travelling in a circle around the play/pause button off to the side.

Becca Levan

Hello Russell!

I'm happy to return to this discussion with some great news 🗞

We've fixed the issue you reported where preview is not allowing seekbar to drag on mobile responsive view using modern player.

Be sure to install the latest Storyline 360 update (Build 3.50.24668.0) to take advantage of all the recent features and fixes.

If this happens again, please let us know! Or you can work directly with our support engineers here.