Modern Text display problems with Merriweather Regular and Light

Apr 30, 2019


I'm running into a weird issue in SL360. The fonts Merriweather and Merriweather Light display differently whetehr the Modern Text option is checked or not.

  • On Modern Text OFF, both fonts display normally.
  • On Modern Text ON, Merriweather Regular gets bolder and Merriweather Light gets bolder even more, to the point of looking like Merriweather Regular.

Please find attached a comparative screenshot, with each font being formatted in Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic and special characters, without Modern Text (left) and with Modern Text (right).

I keep running into font display issues with Modern Text recently, as if the option is fixing some fonts, but is changing and/or breaking others.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary and Jean-Christopher,

I don't have the Merriweather font installed on my own computer - is it a TrueType or Open Type font? 

If you're able to share the font files with our Support Team we'd love to take a look at what you're seeing and determine if there is an issue with how that font interfaces with Storyline. 

It'd be helpful to know if you've tested that font with any other tools such as Word or Powerpoint and how it behaved there. That's typically a good baseline. 

Jean-Christophe Goyette

Greetings again, here is what I found out:

  • The font works... if installed directly on your OS (Windows 10 on my end).
  • The font displays normally, but GLITCHES out in Review when you publish from Windows 7. Maybe now, Windows 7 incorrectly supports font installations and syncronisations. Any slide WITH the font simply doesn't load and freezes the course with a infinite looping icon.
  • The font works... if synced from Adobe Font, but given how it's not a permanent addition, it may glitch out, and it can glitch even more if Windows 7 is used, and/or SL isn't up to date.
Leslie McKerchie

I appreciate the update, Jean-Christophe.

I wanted to share our system requirements for Storyline 360 since Windows 7 is not a supported environment:

Storyline 360: System Requirements

We do recommend installing the fonts, and this is a helpful article for anyone following along as well:

Everything You Need to Know About Working with Text in Storyline 360