Modern vs Classic Player after 12/31/20

Apr 14, 2020

Can someone tell me what is going to happen to the Player in courses previously published in Flash, Flash/HTML5, or HTML5/Flash after 12/30/20? 

More specifically:

  • Will Articulate be removing the Classic Player at some time? (Yes, I hope -- or at least make Modern the default!)
  • If a course isn't converted to HTML5 only, is it right to say the course will literally stay as is with the existing Player & settings?

If not:

  • If the Classic Player was used, will it remain or will it convert to Modern? 
  • Will the Player Theme color change? If so, which color (black or white) will be used?
  • Will the other Player tab components (fonts, button styles, features, etc) be kept?
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Judy Nollet

NOTHING changes in a published course. Therefore, any course previously published to use Flash may not work when support for Flash is withdrawn.

Courses that use Flash should be republished for HTML5 only. When that is done, you can choose whether to keep the Classic player or switch to the Modern one. The Modern player doesn't provide the same color choices as the Classic, so you'll have to give up that functionality if you want the Modern player. However, that doesn't change the color palette designated in the Design for the course.

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