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Anna Liza Escondo

Hi John,

The Feedback Master allows you to customize the post-quiz review feedback box.  Here you can change the location and the appearance of the post-quiz review feedback box.  To access the Feedback Master, you should be in slide view and then select the post-quiz review feedback box in the slide layers.  The Feedback Master should then display on the right pane and then click on Edit... right next to the dropdown box.  Hope this has been helpful. 

john public

Thanks Anna Liza,

I might not be using the right terms.  I'm not talking about the feedback that comes up right after they hit submit, I'm looking for the ones after they complete the quiz - On the results screen, , they have button to review the quiz. That takes them back to each question and shows what they answered and what the correct answers are.  At the bottom of each question is a bar stating Incorrect or Correct.  Those are the ones I want to edit.

Hope that makes sense.