Modifying a variable so it displays the name and not the string.

Apr 30, 2021

I have managed to set a variable as a web address, then i use this variable to add to the body of an email i am building using JavaScript, as you can imagine, the address is long, it all works, my constructed email works, but is there was way i can replace the long web address string with a name in my email so the name reads 'Your web page result' and when click on the text, the web site opens up?


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Karl Whitburn

Thanks for this, but i am still struggling, not being that technical:

  1. I created a  new variable-text called 'LearningPath'.
  2. I use a trigger when the slide is accessed to update the variable to LearningPath

I have created some JavaScript to build an email and used the following:

  1. var Path = player.GetVar("LearningPath")

I use Path in the email build here:

  1. var emailBody = 'Congratulations!!!' + '\n' + '\n' + 'Your Score is at the top ' + '\n' + 'Your route is: ' + Path

Is it possible to replace the with 'Your learning path'?

I am not skilled enough to figure it out...