Modular course and tracking

Hi all,

I am working on a course that I am breaking into separate modules - each in its own Storyline project/SCORM. Each module is set to set completion by a completion trigger.

In each SL project I have 2 scenes - a template scene, and the actual lesson. I use the template to pull different layouts and build out slides across all modules.

My question is - when I publish to SCORM, is it safe to just publish the lesson Scene only as the final module SCORM? Naturally, I don't need the template to be part of the actual published modules.




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Vincent Scoma

Hi Eitan,

That option should work when publishing for LMS! Some things to consider when publishing this way: 

  1. The specific scene is selected 
  2. The tracking is set to use the Complete Course Trigger

You can adjust these settings by clicking on the Publish category and selecting the scene you want to publish. For the Tracking section, you can click on that section and change tracking to Complete Course Trigger. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about this!