Montserrat ultra light font issue


I had to import ppts which had slide text with Montserrat ultra light font. And this worked fine. PFA the screenshot namely "PPT imported to Storyline".

But when the slides are created in Articulate with Montserrat ultra light font (This font was not inbuilt in Articulate, and was imported) it gave an extremely light appearance. PFA the screenshot namely "Montserrat Ultra light. Any idea what could be the reason and any solution? ("Montserrat" again works fine.) 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tania!

You can embed fonts in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations so others can edit text even if they don't have the same fonts installed on their computers. However, Articulate Storyline doesn't support these embedded fonts when importing PowerPoint content.

If a font in your PowerPoint presentation isn't installed on your computer, Storyline will substitute Arial font for the imported text.

To verify which fonts are installed in your system, go to C:\Windows\Fonts.

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