Stortyline 360: Can I change the source file for a specific font used in SL360?

I developed a course in SL2 using the Montserrat font and then exported it to SL360. The font does not look the same in SL360 and it has resulted in some text not fitting in previously defined boxes. I know that Montserrat is one of the fonts installed with SL360, but was wondering if there is a way of changing the font source file that SL360 uses, so I can link it to my original Montserrat font files.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Javier!  Storyline 2 includes a Montserrat font installation as well.  It sounds like you were using an external or different Montserrat.  Is that correct?

When I created test file in Storyline 2 and then upgraded it to Storyline 360, the text looked the same to me:

Could you share your Storyline 2 backup file so I can test upgrading it on my end?  Drop a screenshot of your comparison in here, too, so I know what to look for.  Thanks!