Moodle 2.2 and Storyline Issues


I've published to SCORM, and everything works fine; However the users are allowed to go through the questions again, even after moodle is set to one attempt. This is because storyline allows you to go through it again.

Any ideas on how to disable this. This is undesirable.

Also storyline keeps deafulting to default player, when i specified a custom one.


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Phil Mayor

You likely need to change the setting" lock after final attempt" in moodle scorm settings, what is happening is moodle is letting you load the resource but should not be updating the score.  This setting will stop the course loading.

This is really moodle and not Storyline, storyline just loads it doesnt track attempts

Phil Mayor

have you set a grade in the gradebook?

 I have just tested this in my moodle 2.2 and after one attempt i get the messagewhen locked to 1 attempt and lock after final attempt

You have reached the maximum number of attempts.

Are you testing as a student? 

In Storyline are you publishing to Scorm 1.2?  Moodle plays funny with 2004.  Do you have a results slide set.  Can you share the zip file so I can test it?