Moodle checkmarks

We have multiple Storyline files that are in Moodle. They used to show the checkmark for finished, in Moodle, when the user finished, which is what we want.  They no longer show this. The LMS person thinks it's a Articulate Storyline challenge. We wanted the user to go through the whole module before getting 

Attached are the settings for some of the modules. 

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

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Phil Mayor

Is it new courses (or courses that have been updated) or all courses on your Moodle site?

If it is for all courses then I would say it is a site wide issue perhaps the cron job is no longer scheduled.

If it is new/updated courses it maybe the course is not marking complete (is there a graded in the grade book?). Have you checked the course(s) in Scormcloud? Is the completion criteria set correctly in Moodle for each course?



julie taylor

They are courses that have been updated. Not sure what a cron job is...

The course is not marking complete. They don't get grades- it's professional development, not a graded course. 

I haven't checked it in Scormcloud. The LMS person said it is set correctly- they didn't change and it worked originally.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing what you are running into as well as the images of how it's set up.

The settings look similar across your projects, so I'm curious about the different results in your LMS.

I know we have many Moodle users, like Phil, that will be able to chime in with advice. If you are able to replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, we'd be happy to take a look as well.