Moodle iPad Issue

Aug 25, 2016

Hi there. This is an issue with an iPad I am having.

As many others, I have the issue with the Storyline HTML5 output for the Articulate Player. When used in Moodle, the SCORM Storyline module would not play because of this error: 

I have no time to implement xAPI because I have not done it yet and I know it would take some time and if I am not mistaken money too...

So the obvious (kinda)solution is to export the Storyline output without the option to use the Articulate Mobile Player.

The issue that I have now is the following. The SCORM is set up to launch in a new browser window btw.

- When I launch the SCORM package and I reach the final slide all seems ok. I can either click on a button to exit the course (which works) or close the browser window. (see image 1)

- Normally, if I use a laptop, after closing the browser window with the SCORM package, Moodle redirects automatically to the Course page. On the iPad I can still see the SCORM package - i.e. the Storyline module. (see image 2)

Anyone with similar experiences?

Thank you so much in advance.


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Bobby Jourdan

Hey there Leslie and thank you for the help.
There is no issue with the Exit course button. I am aware of the possible hiccups there. The issue is there even if I just close the browser window.

On SCORM Cloud and on laptop, the module behaves as it should and as it does on Moodle - all is tip-top.
Also, the module behaves well on the SCORM cloud - after closing the popup window, I am redirected to the course home page...

Something that does not happen on my Moodle...

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