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Feb 21, 2013

Wondering if anyone has experiences similar issues or has some helpful feedback for me...

I recently launched a storyline course via Moodle 1.2 using a scorm package and LMS. We have been having issues with tracking users grades/completion. We have received numerous emails from users that state that they have completed the course, attached their quiz results showing their passing score, but are unable to print their certificate of completion. (We created a certificate in Moodle that unlocks after the user completes the training with the required score.) We discovered that they could not view their certificate because the reports are stating they received a 0, incomplete, or  "-". We have also had a lot of issues with users that have received a 92.3% on the exam and are unable to view their certificate as well.

Most of the users are not experiencing problems but there has been  a small minority that are. We have launched this course to over 5,000 employees (state mandated course) so even with a small percentage experiencing issues means hundreds.

Any ideas as to what the issue is or could be? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kaitlin,

I'm not sure how far you've tested this, but do you know if the "Incomplete" response is being returned when the user attempts to view the quiz a second time, or does it return on any attempt?

The articles here and here may also help clear up common LMS issues. You may want to check them out to see if some of the suggestions can help resolve this issue.

Also, would you mind testing your course in SCORM Cloud to help us determine if the issue is Articulate related or if it's on your LMS's side? If it appears in SCORM Cloud as well, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what might be going on. If you can't replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it's probably an issue that you'd want to take to your LMS team. 

Will Bladon

Hi Kaitlin,

Did you ever get a fix for this? I have been searching around for help on this problem, and just came across your post.

I am having exactly the same problem, and cant find any solution.

Have tried Christine's ideas above, but cant see anything on here that I have got wrong. Also I have tested in SCORM Cloud and it shows as being ok.

So any information on this very welcome


Vishal Poojary

Dear Team

I am having the same issue too.

A handful of users is getting a certificate with a different grade and the grade which the LMS is generating is different.

Though we have set a criteria for the certificate.

I have also tested the scorm on scorm cloud and on my system and it works fine.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for reaching out to us! It sounds like you've already tested the SCORM output in SCORM Cloud, so you're one step ahead of me. :)

I know it can be frustrating when only a few learners are running into an issue, especially when you're unable to replicate the behavior yourself. Have you seen a trend in what web browser the learners were using when the problem happened? 

Also, what LMS are you using? Hopefully others using the same LMS can provide some insight. 

Vishal Poojary

Hi Alyssa,

Browsers used by most of the users were Internet Explorer and few had used Google Chrome.

I am also attaching some screeshot of user's who were facing the issue for reference.

My team is using LMS - Moodle version 2.8.3+

Trying to find the cause of this issue .. but no luck..:(

I appreciate your help Alyssa.

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