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Feb 10, 2015

I've been having trouble with my SCORM 1.2 files and Moodle. The crux of the problem is that the course won't "check" complete after it's been viewed by the learner. I've posted about this before and thought I had the problem solved by selecting Learning Objects as the grading method. Sadly, that didn't fix the issue as I thought it had.

I'm attaching a file that shows the settings I've selected both when publishing the file as well as in the LMS itself. Remote Learner hosts our site, and I'm not getting any good answers from them in terms of actions to take. Can anyone help?

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Dan Marsden

Hi Kelly, 

I'd suggest first checking your SCORM package on the free SCORM Cloud - it if works fine there you should be able to get Remote Learner to look a bit closer (this may result in chargeable time depending on your contract with them) If it doesn't work on the SCORM Cloud then people here in the Heroes forum should be able to help.

We did have a few issues related to completion with earlier Moodle releases but Remote Learner will hopefully be keeping you up-to-date. They have a few staff that have some good SCORM knowledge but they are usually quite busy. They can also get in touch with me if they get stuck.

Kelly Rynearson

I heard back from Remote Learner, and actually, my SCORM package is passing "suspend" to Moodle rather than "completed." I have "completed" selected in my publish settings, so I'm curious as to why that would be. I looked in the log from my testing in SCORM cloud, and it also shows that there. How do I fix this and why is it occurring?

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