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Oct 12, 2012

OK here is what I want to do...

The company I am now working with is going to be using Moodle as their LMS platform and Storyline to create content. I want to know if I can seamlessly do the following.

  1. Create 6 content sections and publish them individually (about 10 - 20 min each)
  2. Insert the 6 published content sections into a landing program that includes roadblocks/checkpoints after each
  3. Scorm will score the roadblocks
  4. The users progress is remembered.

This has to run in moodle.

Why?  - the team wants the learners experience to be seamless. When they enter a course they can open the chapters or units one after the other.

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Matthew Graham

What do you mean when you refer to roadblocks?  Are you refering to tests/quizzes that don't let you continue without passing?

If so--none of this should be a problem if you're using a somewhat recent version of Moodle.  Some older versions don't allow you to create "roadblocks" on anything but quizzes, and not content.

Matthew Graham

1. Yes, from what I've seen it can handle fairly large content (I've gone up to 30mb) , but you'll need to have your IT make sure your server allows larger uploads to put the SCORM packages on there.

2. From what I've seen it loads just fine.  It reports alright, but you may not have as many functions as a native Moodle activity.  You'll be able to send a single pass/fail/grade for each SCORM package, so I usually have to break an hour-long course into several SCORM packages that deal with different subtopics because I like to assess at different times throughout the course.

Debbie Kay

Hi Zara

I am using Moodle 1.9.4 and like you I create everything outside Moodle and then upload Activity - SCORM content etc.

Unfortunately in our tests using SL we have 2 issues:

1 - You cannot link from the end of one Content Chapter to the next - error cannot communicate with LMS which we have not been able to overcome.

2 - Uploaded SCORM content published in SL does not load in iphone 3GS running iOS6 (this is the only iphone we have available for testing) Artic. support are able to view the scorm via cloud.scorm, but we are not able to in Moodle.

I hope this is useful  

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