Branching Based on Pretest Answers

Sep 19, 2023

Good Afternoon, 

I have searched the boards, and it appears that most of the responses were from years ago and I wasn't really able to follow them to find an answer that worked. I have a module that I'm building that is going to have 4 sections of content. We want to build out a 20-question pre-test that will open certain sections of content if certain answers are incorrect. 

So, it's broken into sections in the pre-test. 1-5 for content section 1, 6-10 for content section 2 and so on. 

Is it possible that the pre-test will unlock certain sections of content? or would it be best to have a pre-test at the beginning of each section of content and if they pass, it records and if they fail, they go onto the content? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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Judy Nollet

It'd certainly be easier to have a pre-test at the beginning of each section, and then steer the user through that section if they fail that pre-test. 

Another option would be to have a Results slide after each set of questions. That would make it easy to track which section(s) should be required. For example, if the ScorePoints >= PassPoints for the questions associated with section 1, that section wouldn't be required. 

Eventually, you'll want to steer the user to a final slide that has a "Complete course" trigger, and use that to track successful completion. 

Note: You won't be able to track via a quiz and get a score, because Storyline would mark the course completed as soon as the first Results slide was submitted.