More issues with HTML5 and iOS output


I have attempted many times to get support on issues related to Storyline HTML5 and iOS outputs, with no solutions returned from the Articulate staff.

Here are more to add to that list (if it ever returns).

iOS issues:

  1. Storyline stops playing the current slide (audio, animations, everything) when a second audio file starts (after completing the first) in the timeline, however, The timeline continues to play to its end duration.
  2. Storyline does not display content on the next page after issue 1 occurs.
  3. There is no place for a Logo to be displayed in the iOS player.

To correct issue 1 above, you need to combine the 2 audio files and everything will work fine. This is not a fix, or a good workaround when you have audio play when hovering objects.

HTML5 issues:

  1. When using variables in layers, the placement of the text boxes are rendered further down the screen (located further down the screen than where I actually placed them) after I publish. The more layers I add that contain variables, the more the exaggerated this issue gets. The further down the screen I place a text box, the more exaggerated this issue gets.

I also have one question regarding styling the text in a text entry box (that is a variable). Why do I have to style the text box AND style the text in the box before my font style and size actually take effect?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Dennis, thanks for always sharing what you run into. It's invaluable. While I review the latest issues you're experiencing, I wanted to know if this is the original thread you referred to? It's from June rather than August, but it's not our policy to delete any posts, so I'm lost as to why an August post with 30 issues would not be showing up. 

Dennis Hall

Thanks for the quick reply Peter:

You are right and i was wrong about the post not being displayed. I failed to notice I have 5 pages of forum posts and reponses in my profile. I will remove that statement from the origninal entry in this thread.

Now all ï need to know is what timeline any of the 30+ fixes will be released.

Can you provide a time frame?

Peter Anderson

Hi Dennis, 

What we'd really like to do, is have you send us the file(s) with examples of the issues you're describing. We're working hard on getting our next update ready, and we'd like to include as many fixes as possible, so your files would be a big help. And please relay the case number onto me so that I can escalate it right away. Thanks again for your help.